Day 11


September 14, 2012 by Steph

 Day 11 folks!  Today was leg day.  Yowza!  

I don’t think I have introduced you to Lisa over at She’s Losing It, but if you get a chance, swing by her blog.  I have been reading her posts for a little while now and I just really admire her – she makes me laugh and cry all the time.  TODAY, without even reading her blog, she made me laugh AND cry…. DURING MY WORKOUT!!!  You see, Lisa is undergoing something she calls “Operation Booty Lift”, which of course, totally inspires me because I have a really droopy bum.  In fact, people have accused my maker of putting my butt on upside down… 🙂  People have referred to it as the upside down heart and so forth.  Anyway, you get my drift. It sags. 

Lisa is doing 400 walking lunges a day with a 50 pound bar.  Yeah, that’s right – 50 lbs.  So, being the inspired soul that I am, I thought, “let me try just doing 400 without any weight”…. 


Let me repeat that…. HOLY CRAP!

I made it to 300 and cried “UNCLE” and waved my white flag.  And then I started laughing.  Lisa, you did it again!

Okay, so that was my warmup.  Onto the workout…. 😉

Squats: 55lb bar, 4 sets of 15 reps, low and slow with a 10 count pulse at the bottom between each set

Plie’ Squat with 25Lb DB: 4 sets of 15 reps, low and slow with a 10 count pulse at the bottom.

Cable kickbacks: Could only manage 20lb on the cable (see warmup) and did 4 sets of 15 reps.

I am going to a Zumba fundraiser at my daughter’s school tonight… please pray for me that I will not embarrass myself or my poor kid because mommy walks like she just got off of a horse (again, see warmup). 


Has been great so far today!  Here is what I have eaten already and the plan for the rest of the day:

Meal 1: Yep, you guessed it – 1/2 cup quinoa with Plant Fusion

Meal 2: Winner again!  Yup – same as meal 1

Meal 3: Salad and a boca

Mea1 4: After my workout I had a NuGo Dark Chocolate protein bar like I had on day 10.

 Meal 5: PB and J

Meal 6: 1 and a half scoops of Plant Fusion in 1 cup of almond milk


1,364 Cals 135 Carbs  37 Fat  132 Pro


2 thoughts on “Day 11

  1. You can do it! 300 lunges is pretty damn crazy too! Hope you had a good time at your daughter’s fundraiser 🙂


    • lifewithpepper says:

      Thanks Lisa! You are my new idol (insert the “I’m not worthy” bow here)….
      Oh and Zumba was awesome. Only one word can aptly describe the feeling that I get when I do zumba… Joy….

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