Day 25!

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October 1, 2012 by Pepper A.K.A "Greek Lightning"

Hey everyone, I have fallen behind, so I am catching up on posts today.  Luckily, I write everything down! 

Friday was leg day and boy it was a doozy!

Leg Press: 130, 15 reps for 4 sets

Squats: 55LB BB 15 reps, 65LB for 15 reps, 75 for 15 and 85 for 15

Sissy squat: 20reps, 3 sets

Lunges  – all different variations for fun 🙂  Did about a hundred each leg


20 minutes incline 12.0 speed 3.0

Diet:  Not so great today.  Not near enough protein and a bit more carbs than I should have eaten, but considering it was date night, it could have been way worse 🙂

Meal 1: 1/2 cup cooked quinoa with 1 scoop PlantFusion

Meal 2: same as meal 1

Meal 3: NUGO dark bar after weight training

Meal 4: 2 cups cooked cauliflower, 1 boca burger and 1 Trader Joe’s Masala burger all mixed together (this was really, really delish but it made me sooooooooooo bloated afterwards!)

Meal 5: Veggie brown rice sushi from Wegman’s (it was date night and my hubby and I went to a concert)

Meal 6: Peanut butter Cliff bar

1,181 Cals 170 carbs 23 fat 93 protein

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