Day 30 and Looking to the Future

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October 5, 2012 by Pepper A.K.A "Greek Lightning"

Well folks, Day 30 came and went.  It was kind of a relief to be done with the strict 30 day regime and I am excited for new and different challenges. 

Here is a pic of me at day 30.  Not too much different, but different inside, that is for sure.  I made it through 30 days of lifting, cardio, and for the most part, dieting on an exclusively plant based diet.  And for that, I am proud. 

Today, I had the opportunity to do an Insanity DVD in the group exercise room with a few people from my gym.  It was REALLY HARD!  I struggled at times to make it through and when I was done, I was exhausted!  It made me realize that I need to work on my cardio.  So, I now have to come up with some new goals. 

I would still really like to lean out so that I can show this muscle that I have been working on.  I feel like my body is being stubborn right now.  I have glimpses of lean-ing, but then the next day I will be puffy again.  I think it has a lot to do with being inconsistent in drinking water.  Some days, I drink a full gallon and others – not even 36 ounces (eek). 

New goals:

1.) Take a scientific approach to losing some weight. I have been using estimates for calories and do not really know what my body burns and therefore, I don’t know if I am giving it enough (and it is stubbornly holding on to fat) or too much food.  I am going to wear my heart rate monitor on one of my days off from working out to see how many calories I burn on a normal day.  Then, I will figure out how many calories I need to burn or reduce to create a 3500 calorie deficit and will therefore lose a pound a week.  This will decide how much cardio I will do.

2.) In line with goal number 1, I am going to work on doing some intense cardio (not necessarily long duration, but enough to burn a specific amount of calories.) Also, I will create a food plan that is in line with the goal of creating a calorie deficit. I think Shaun T. and I are about to get close.  Real close.

3.)  I am going to start doing more circuit style weight training.  Right now, my goal wil not be to put on muscle, but I will try very hard to keep the muscle I have built. 

So, there you have it.  A few new goals.  Here’s to the next 30 days!  Oh and p.s. – I really need to throw some yoga in the mix because my flexibility sucks!  Just thought I would put that out there….

Are you coming with me?


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